Designing a residential sprinkler system is an easy process at Waterways. You can rest assured our knowledgeable team will deliver you a reliable system, featuring the latest technology at a price that fits your budget.

Will the fire sprinklers damage the whole house when triggered?

When a fire is detected, only the nearest fire sprinkler(s) are triggered, thus localizing the water damage. Residential sprinklers are credited with reducing property damage from fires by 50 -66%.

Aren't fire sprinklers expensive?

Modern sprinklers systems can be designed and plumbed at a reasonable cost. You can even build the amount into your mortgage, usually for less than 1% of your total home cost.

Residential sprinkler systems actually have some financial benefits. They add resale value to your home, and can lower your homeowner's insurance premiums!

But fire sprinkler heads are ugly! I'd rather not see them sticking out of my ceiling.

Waterways offers several options for sprinkler head assemblies, including recessed versions! There is no need to compromise the aesthetic of your house when implementing a sprinkler system.

Do fire sprinklers go off accidentally, causing water damage to the house?

Statistics show that the likelihood of this happening is very low. The sprinkler heads we use are high quality and well tested.